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24 Beers on Tap, 24 Hours in a Day...

beer Coincidence? We think not!

Blue Moon Belgian White

Brewed by the Coors Brewing Company this Colorado Belgian white is best served with a slice of orange to bring out the natural citrus flavors.


A True Porcupine Original. Half Wasatch Apricot Hefe-Weizen and Half Chasing Tail Golden Ale create a fruity and refreshing tasting Hybrid.


You could call this the Black Forrest Beer. Half Wasatch Raspberry Wheat and Half Rooster's Chocolate Stout gives a sweet twist to the full flavored stout.

Evolution Amber Ale

Do you remember the Unofficial 2002? Well here is the "evolution" of that beer. Medium bodied, well rounded taste without the bite of a pale ale.

Full Suspention Pale Ale

beer Twice gold medal winner at the Denver Brewers Festival this unfilterd Northwest style pale ale is great on its own or Black & Tan with a layer of Guinness. The tastiest beer this side of London!

Guinness Stout

Brewed 3.2 around the world this traditional stout is served in a twenty ounce imperial glass with a rich creamy head. Bottoms Up!

Moab Dead Horse Amber Ale

"You can't beat a Dead Horse"-literally. Kin to a mild English Ale this Amber is perfectly balanced and completly satisfying.

Park City Baja Especial

This Mexican styled lager is deliciously light served with a lime and perfect company for any fiesta. Muy Bueno!

Park City Steamer

A typical steam-style beer that is fermented at room temperature with a lager yeast. Medium body with a full flavor.

Red Rock Honey Wheat

A sweet version of Hefe-Weizen crystal clear with a completely refreashing after taste.

Red Rock Nut Brown Ale

Lighter then a stout, darker then an amber. This beer has the satisfying depth of a dark beer without filling you up.

Red Rock Seasonal Selection

A Rotating Tap that has hosted Dark German Lagers, Unfiltered Harvest Pale Ales, and Anything Else you may be dreaming of.

Roosters Chocolate Stout

A dark beer sure to satisfy the sweet tooth in all of us. Surprisingly smooth with a rich chocolate head, enjoy before and after dinner.

Roosters Heavenly Cream Ale

A light bodied ale that has a slightly cloudy appearence, smooth taste and clean finish.

Squatters Captain Bastard's Oatmeal Stout

This oatmeal stout is one of the darkest around, full bodied, full flavor for a full tummy. A great beer to have for Breakfast.

Squatters Chasing Tail Golden Ale

A light bodied ale with a clean finish. This golden ale goes down smooth with a refreshing after taste.

Squatters Hefeweizen

A medium bodied unfiltered wheat beer that is characterized by a strong yeast flavor. Add a lemon and enjoy.

Squatters Provo Girl Pilsner

Provo Girl is light in color but not in taste. This traditional style pilsner finishes with a little bite.

Uinta Cutthroat Pale Ale

The Quintessential Utah Pale Ale, medium to full bodied with a rich finish.

Uinta Hefeweizen

"Hefe-Weizen" or wheat-style is characterized by an overwhelming yeast flavor, not quite as light as the Squatters Hefe.

Uinta I.P.A.

Imperial Pale Ale was named after a syle of beer that was exported from Britan to India during the spice trade. Extra Hops were added as a preserving agent which gives the beer a wonderful bitter flavor.

Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen

This uniquely fruity Hefeweizen used to only be available in a limited bottle version around the holidays. Now, with a change in the yeast strand it pours properly from the tap.

Wasatch Polygamy Porter

"Why have just one?" Polygamy can't be all that bad, especially in a frosty pint glass! Dark and full bodied, this porter has hints of the darkest roasted nuts.

Wasatch Raspberry Wheat

One of the original fruit beers, the Raspberry Wheat is lighter in color than most wheat style beers but has a refreshingly clean finish.